Sohag Developer PostgreSQL Database Applications

Build Powerful Robust Database Applications

Generate Qt/C++ Or PHP Database Code And Forms

Build a powerful sql database applications following few steps to generate code and gui forms using Sohag Developer

Sohag Developer currently supports PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, SQLite databases and has a set of generators that generates (Qt/C++ code and ui forms - PHP web applications using web forms and bootstrap framework ) to manipulate the data in the database tables or views.
Sohag Developer can be extended by adding more generators any one is welcomed to contribute and create generator to extend Sohag Developer to create more templates to support more programming languages or frameworks.
Sohag Developer is a free and open source software and released under GPL v3 (terms of use and conditions)

Sohag Developer project aims to be standalone IDE to develop database applications depending many database servers and software platforms with emphasis on using PostgreSQL database server, Qt/C++ and PHP.
Sohag Developer version 3 supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite databases.

Open Source & Free (GPL v3).
Extendable (Can be extended to add More Generators to create templates for any framework).
Wizard based.
Auto Detict Primary Key if found.
Qt/C++ generated code uses both the low level sql api & model view controller.
Clean code generated easy to read,understand and edit.