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Tue, 07/17/2018 - 22:29 - amr

Welcome to Qt Database Development Course:
My name is Amr Nassr. In this course I'll show you how to develop a compelete database application from scratch using Qt C++ framework.

I'll begin from analysing the projrct requirments, modeling walking through creating database entity relationship diagram (ERD), crating database tables, views and stored functions.

In this demonstration project I'll use postgrresql database (It's open source and free).

If you don't like to use postgresql database you can use any other database server like Oracle, MySql, Mariadb, Sqlite or any database server you perefer.

In most parts of this course I'll use the low level QSql Api.

I'll follw the next steps to develop our Qt C++ database application.

1- Design the database and create the required tables.

2-Develop a login form.

3- Develop the main application.

4- Develop user registration form.

5- Develop a simple privileges system.

6- Develop a form to manipulate products data.

7- Develop a form to manipulate customers data.

8- Develop a simple invoice master detail form.

9- Speed up the development process by using Sohag Developer to generate the Qt gui forms and Classes to manipulate the data in the database table.

In the next lesson I'll show you how to download and install posstgresql database server.

By amr on

Welcome to Qt database Development Example

In this epsoide I'll show you how to download and install postgresql database on windows.
installing postgres is straightforward and easy you can install postgres like any other windows application.

Let's begin

Open you internet browser (Here I'm using firefox)
Go to postgresql website which is I will put the link under the vedio.
I will not use the direct link I'll search for the website.

here is the search result the first site is what we search for so I'll click it to go to the postgres website.

on the reghit side you will find the download link click it to go to the download page.

Postgresql database management system (dbms) is available in several source and binary formats
As we can see here postgres prebuilt binary pakages are available for a number of deffernet operating systems and even for a differnet distrutions of one operationg system like bsd we can see free BSD and Open BSD , Linux RedHat,Debian,Suze and Ubuntu and so on

we are looking for windows version son
Go to the link of windows and click on it

to open the windows download page
as you see there are many download options for deffernt download sites,formats and postgres versions you explore them all.
I'll select the windows installer from enterpriseDB so I'll click the link and I'll be directed to the enterprisedb website

Here we are in enterpriseDB website
from the drop down list select postgresql version
the latest version postgresql 9.6 is shiped with pagAdmin 4
personly I perefer to use pgAdmin 3 so I'm going to download postgresql 9.5, If you would like to download postgresql 9.6 it's ok

Now select your operating system version
There are two windows versions one for 32 bit and 64 I'll choose windows x86-32
and at last click on the download button and save the file

the file is being downloaded
I have download the postgres installer file before so I will cancel download

Now I'm going to lunch the postgres installer

If your windows asks to allow the postgres installer to make changes to the computer then press "Yes" it's ok.

The installer will be lunched

now the installer is intializaing setup process

Here we are at the welcome page press next to proceed

In this page select the installation directory ( hit the folder icon to change ) I'll leave the deafult then press next to proceed to the next page
In this page select the dirctory where the data will be stored
also I'll leave the default since this is a development enviroment

Now enter the password for the database superuser (postgres)
then retype the password in the next filed and hit next

here you can change the port I'll leave the default then hit next

and here select the local also I'll leave the default

Now we are going to install
if you would like to change any option hit back if not hit next
by hitting next the installer will begin the installtion process and you will not be able to go back

here we go
Uncheck this checkbox since we don't need to install any tools at the moment. and ofcourse hit finish

Now Let's explore pgAdmin 3
now enter the password for the super user postgres

it works

Hope that was useful if you have any issue let me know

In the next epsoide I will show you how to install postgresql on Gnu/Linux operating system

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