Sohag Developer PostgreSQL Database Applications

Build Powerful Robust Database Applications


= Sohag Developer Project
= This Project Aims To Create A PostgreSQL Tools
= To Help Users Using That Database
= At That Stage The Sohag Developer Is Generating Qt/C++ Files
= But Sohag Developer's Goal Is To Create A Compelete IDE For PostgreSQL
= Also The Project Will Be Extended To Include Other Databases As Long AS Possible
= For More Details Please Visit Sohag Developer website (
= This Software Is Licensed Under GPLv3 for more details visit (
= This Software is Sponsored By AlHuda Software الهدى للبرمجيات(

#include "aboutsohagdeveloper.h"
#include "ui_aboutsohagdeveloper.h"

AboutSohagDeveloper::AboutSohagDeveloper(QWidget *parent) :
    ui(new Ui::AboutSohagDeveloper)

    delete ui;